Call for Abstracts: International Youth Day 2022


TOPIC: The role of youths in responding to land governance, property rights, climate change while building intergenerational solidarity as a contribution to achieving the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the Agenda 2030.

To commemorate International Youth day 2022, the IGAD Youth and Land Program in partnership with the International Land Coalition Africa, Youth Initiative for land in Africa and Habitat for Humanity International will organise a virtual webinar on 11-12 August 2022.. The webinar will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to exchange views on the topic of land governance, property rights and climate change.


  • To Increase the body of available evidence and facilitate the exchange of views through dialogue on intergenerational solidarity for youth inclusion in land governance.
  • To explore ways in which young people can leverage the land resource for employment, sustainable and equitable sharing of land resources that contribute to the attainment of the AU Agenda 2063 and Agenda 2030.
  • To highlight innovation and innovative ideas by youth on Land Governance, access to decent housing and building resilient cities and communities while addressing intergenerational gaps.

Thematic area 1: Secure Land Rights for Youth: Key to Attaining Climate Change Adaptation, Resilience, and intergenerational equity in land and property rights

Today’s youth are the future of tomorrow. Therefore, youth inclusion in land governance and security of tenure are paramount as a pathway to addressing some of the world’s challenges, such as climate change.

When youth are denied access, ownership and control over land, it is impossible to foresee a lively and dynamic adoption of efforts to combat and adapt to climate change in many regions in Africa. Efforts to reduce intergenerational gaps while bolstering climate adaptability calls for equitable access and control over land for the youth. This means youth must be at the forefront of decision-making processes on matters that affect them.

Inclusive land governance will provide millions of young people with vital, creative, and inventive opportunities in climate action and sustainable land use, allowing them to earn and participate in wealth creation while supporting growth and development across continents. This space aims to go beyond tokenism for the youth; for many decades, youth have engaged in the lower rung where they are used to push the Adults Agenda (The Hart 1992) and have been left behind in participatory decision-making spaces concerning land, climate, and many other resource sectors. The youth Agenda must be for the youth and driven by the youth.

The Conference seeks to provide proactive actions and mechanisms for youth engagement, representation, and participatory democracy in land governance; integration of technology and digitalization; claim youth space and advocate for the security of tenure as preconditions for climate mitigation and adaptation, highlighting the power of partnership for transformative change.

This call is for

  1. A young person below 35 years.
  2. Expertise in the confluence of tenure security, climate change, and youth access to land and its resources.
  3. Has created and piloted tools, methods or approaches of engagement and addressing climate change and land governance.

Desired Output

  • Make a presentation for the International Youth Day, 11th August 2022.
  • Write a blog/Vlog sharing or rallying fellow young people on how innovation or explorable opportunities for young people and IGAD YL and all partners to integrate the talent.


This call for presentations (paper, video, pictorials, case studies, best practices presentation) invites international scholars and presenters, especially those from the African and IGAD region with expertise in the subject matter to present abstracts of their presentations covering the three thematic areas.

  • Abstracts should be written in English and French and be between 250 to 300 words
  • Interested authors should send resume of not more than 250 words with their previous publications and contact details: email address and phone number
  • Submissions should indicate the theme their presentation covers among the three themes of the conference
  • All submissions will be peer reviewed and successful presenters invited to prepare a presentation
  • For paper presentations they should be not more than 4000 words
  • video presentations will have a limit of 10 minutes
  • Any other form of presentation will also be limited to 10 minutes
  • Successful presenters will be given a 15-minute opportunity to present the paper/video/ at the conference on 11th August 2022
  • Successful presentations will be published in different platforms for learning purposes.

Please send your abstracts to this email address: Copy to and on or before 27th July 2022.

For further information about the conference and this call, Kindly contact, Omar Siraji Hassan, on EMAIL:

Important Dates

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 27th July 2022

Notification of acceptance of abstracts: 30th July 2022

Deadline for final full paper submission: 31st July 2022

Deadline for power point presentation: 5th August 2022 partners

This conference is organised by IGAD in partnership with the International Land Coalition (ILC) Africa, Youth Initiative for Land in Africa (YILAA) and Habitat for Humanity International.