It is a great pleasure to present the regional strategy for the International Land Coalition-Africa (ILC Africa). This continent wide strategy gears towards shaping and delivering land governance for people in the region. The strategy provides a clear framework for ILC Africa to contribute to the implementation of ILC’s 2016- 2021 strategic vision.

Africa Regional Strategy 2017-2021

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Africa Regional Profile

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In addition, it identifies strategic areas through which our member-led platform will strive for land governance as a contribution to the development of our most cherished continent.

Our members have chosen seven priority commitments for Africa. The seven commitments define this strategy. The priority areas, carefully tailored to the continent’s needs include: family farming, diverse tenure, women land rights, indigenous people, inclusive decision making, challenging land grabbing and protecting rights defenders. Through ILC’s strategic objectives of connect, mobilise and influence, we envision to push for improved land governance in Africa, so that people can enjoy dividends of secured tenure, better livelihoods, peace and wealth.

The next three years are going to be exciting for ILC Africa members. Our significant strengths across different sectors plays to our favour and I am confident our strategic and development partners will continue to support us as we deliver on this great agenda. Our shared future as defined by this strategy is focused on changing lives, making Africa secured and democratic, through people centred land governance.

To all our esteemed members, let’s take advantage of this strategy to enhance our impact on land governance work in Africa. Indeed, it is our season of connecting, mobilising and influencing.

United for Land Rights!

Shadrack Omondi, Chair, ILC Africa Steering Comittee

International Land Coalition Africa - Annual Report 2019

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International Land Coalition Africa - Annual Report 2018

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