5 quotes from women on people-centred land governance in Africa

This International Women's Day, the Communications and Knowledge Management program at International Land Coalition Africa celebrates women's tremendous contributions to building a better and more equal future through land governance, while highlighting the inequities that remain

“When we think of inclusion, we should be thinking in terms of efforts and practices which different groups and individuals having different backgrounds try to do in the scope of land and natural resource management.”

- Esther Obaikol, Land Governance Expert at Intergovernmental Authority on Development

“Land pressure is an overarching issue for the development of Africa. A lot of legal and policy instruments on land governance directives, large-scale investments, and the Maputo Protocol on women are some of the tools adopted by the African Union to promote women’s land rights. After almost a decade of implementing these instruments, it’s important to take stock of what gains we have had, see the weaknesses, and propose recommendations that once applied, will help to realise the ambitions of women.”

- Kafui Kuwonu, Founder, the West African Women Association

“When we are talking about gender justice, we are talking about the balance of power.”

- Sabine Pallas, Donor Liaison, Strategic Communications & Gender Justice at ILC

“Insecurity of land tenure can be a precipitating cause of inequality and conflicts if not addressed. Securing land tenure assures the continued existence of rights or interests in land and can help prevent arbitrary displacements and provide confidence for land users to invest in their land.”

- Janet Edeme, Head, Dept. of Rural. Economy and Agriculture at the African Union

“Securing women's land rights could perhaps resolve over 50% of unequal gender power relations, economic injustice, gender-based violence, etc. among rural, urban, and indigenous communities living in poverty.”

- Esther Muiru, Global Women's Land Rights Manager at ILC

Compiled from Africa Land Forum 2020